Randy Proto – RIP


A few years back, in the middle of a HaganaH converence, I was paired off with this unassuming, quiet man. If I remember correctly, we were knife sparring. Randy moved slowly, almost lazily, and had a little smile on his face the entire time. I remember looking at him thinking, “Gosh, he must be a newbie. I’ll be patient with him.” LOL! Little did I know he was co-founder of the very system I was there studying.

Today we lost this man with the little smile on his face, Randy Proto. Because of him, HaganaH is what it is today, and today, because of his loss, HaganaH will never be the same. We’ll all carry on, and as our system evolves and grows, we’ll each bring a little piece of Randy along with us.

Today my thoughts are with Randy’s family, and my heart is with my Haganah clan.



Black belt test during the annual HaganaH conference in Davie, Florida, 2012.

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Click on image below to see an example of Haganah as taught by the developer and chief instructor, Mike Lee Kanarek.

    description="Mike Lee Kanarek teaching multiple attacker techniques"

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act, but a habit.


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